Creating a Home Sweet Home for Your New Dog

Creating a Home Sweet Home for Your New Dog

Thorough planning and a lot of preparation are greatly needed when bringing a new dog home. Just like when receiving visitors in your home, you might as well have to prepare the new dog’s basic needs like food, bed, water, and everything that will keep them entertained and relaxed in your place. You have to prepare everything just before the big day and open your mind about certain issues that may arise.

Creating a homey place for the new dog

You have to be very careful in bringing your new dog home. Make sure you know the rules you want your dog to follow inside the house. The kind of treatment you show your dog during his/her first step in your home will have a huge impact on the behavior he will soon develop. Here are some tips that will help you maintain a comfortable home for your new pet.

Let the new member of the family explore the area he will call home. Request your family members not to get too much excited to cuddle the dog and take it from one place to another. The dog must familiarize the place first. Affection should be kept in minimum at this time.

Take your dog for a walk. This is to drain his energy to be able to have a good rest later on. Let him be on the lead so he will have the chance to explore new sight, smell, and sounds.

Creating a Home Sweet Home for Your New Dog

After a long walk, it is then time to bring him home. Before letting the dog enter your home, let him sit or lie down first. This way, you can enter first which is a way to introduce your home to the new dog. Wait for him to follow you.

Take time to tour your dog in all parts of your home while on the leash. Do not let him go anywhere he wants. He has to be familiar with every room in your house. Always be on the lead so your dog will remember that you have the authority over the house. It is important to be consistent in here because you are trying to establish a full control in everything.

Be serious when doing the whole tour. Put interaction in minimum and use body language instead. If you want to get your attention to correct or communicate something, just use simple sounds like “tsch!” This way, he will pay attention to every little thing you are doing. Your dog feels mixed emotions at this time so better show less contact.

After the tour, take the dog to the feeding area and give him food and water. Do not give too much food at this time. If you plan on doing dog bath, this is not the best time as he is not that comfortable yet.

Creating a Home Sweet Home for Your New Dog

Make sure you have prepared a room or area for the dog to rest. This will orient him to the area he needs to stay when you are busy doing the household chores. This is the time you could finally unleash him. This creates the new dog his place in your home.

Now that you are done touring and letting him in his resting place, maintain the treatment. Do not pay too much attention on the dog. However, try to acknowledge his presence as he joins you and your family member. The dog has to figure out the rules first so, do not be that affectionate yet but give an assuring treatment that he is in a loving place.

Creating a Home Sweet Home for Your New Dog

There you go; you now have an idea how to welcome your new dog. As the dog is learning the rules and shows positive behavior, then you might want to treat him pet mobile grooming.