Extending Your Dog’s Life

Extending Your Dog’s Life

Some people say that having a pet dog at home will make your life longer. Well, how about making their living years longer too? Yes, we have to give them the chance to live a longer life in exchange to the happiness and loyalty that they give to us.

Normally, dogs can live up to 15 years. However this is only achievable if they are well taken care of both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

What you should do to extend your dog’s life?

You may think that you already know everything in giving your dog a quality life. However, dogs need more than just feeding them and giving them shelter. To give your dog the best life you could offer, here are some things that you should keep in mind.

Care for your dog’s teeth and follow grooming routine

Tooth decay in dogs is fatal. Although this may be common, being unable to address this problem quickly can result to infection not only in the mouth area but to other parts of the body as well like the kidneys and the heart. To prevent this, you have to brush their teeth regularly as a part of grooming a dog. Secure a small toothbrush and toothpaste for dogs. You don’t need to brush your dog’s teeth daily. Twice a week is fine enough to remove plaque buildup.

Dog bath, haircut and the likes must also be considered as their coat may collect dirt, which may cause them to get sick easily. For the same reason, nails should also be trimmed at the right length. Tick and flea infestation may be stressful to your pet so you also have to make sure that it is treated if there is any. If you are one of those busy individuals who can’t manage to complete a dog grooming routine, you can have dog groomers do it for you.

Dog exercises

Exercise is equally important to both men and dogs. The difference is that there is no specific routine when it comes to exercising a dog. A morning and afternoon walk is a good form of dog exercise. You can also let them explore within your area and maybe run for a while. This helps them maintain the ideal weight depending on the breed and age and improves their circulation. What else you can do? Well if you have neighbors who have dogs as well, you can let them play with each other. This improves their social and emotional wellbeing.

Extending Your Dog’s Life

Visit a Vet

Prevention is better than cure. Dogs also need to receive vaccinations and be checked regularly by a vet. Vaccinations help save your dog from certain serious diseases. Regular checkups will also enable you to detect any condition as early as possible to be able to treat it immediately. For puppies, they should be able to visit a vet four times a year and then down to once a year when they are fully grown.

Protect your dog from any form of stress

Relaxation is not just for people. Dogs can be stressed as well and they need time to relax. When a dog is stressed, its behavior may change too. That is why after letting him/her play and exercise, always give ample amount of time for your dog to be alone and relax.

Even the simplest things can lengthen your dog’s life. Just make sure he lives a happy and healthy life together with a healthy environment. Your dog’s long life is reciprocal to your longer and happier life as well so don’t forget to treat him well.