Guidelines to Keep Your Dog Away From Stress

Guidelines to Keep Your Dog Away From Stress

Dogs are like human, they also feel stressed. As a pet owner, it is our responsibility to keep them away from a stressor that could trigger such condition. Stress is a debilitating feeling for dogs. You might wonder why your pet dog suddenly becomes loner, less energetic, sickly and sometimes aggressive this could all be because of a stressful environment they are in. So how are you going to keep your dog away from stress? Actually its simple, it all runs down to these guidelines.

Guidelines to Keep Your Dog Away From Stress

Set Time for Playtime

Dogs become less prone to stress if you set some time for playtime. Dogs love to play, so you need to exert some effort to play with them. Just remember not to get them overexcited or too demanding. With this, you are not only making your pet happy but also energized. Try to make your dog run or even play with other dog as long as it’s safe to do so.

Have Your Dog Pay Regular Visit at Dog Park

It is less likely for your dog to get stressed if you will have him have a regular walk at the dog park. Aside from this serves as an exercise, it is also a great way to make your dog socialize. However, make sure you don’t get your dog near other pets or dogs if you think that he might not get along with the pack.

Make Your Dog Grooming a Regular Thing

Regular dog wash, is something that will keep your dog away from stress. Keeping them clean at all times will prevent them from experiencing shedding. It will also keep them away from being infested with parasites which can be very disturbing to dogs. Regular dog grooming can include dog spa which is a great treat for your dog, making him feel more relax. Grooming will also boost your pet’s confidence because more dogs will be more comfortable with them.

Be Affectionate To Your Dog

In order for your dog not to feel stressed, you have to be more affectionate. Try to cuddle your dog as often as you could. Never ignore his presence because this will make your dog feel more relax especially if you will spend some time touching them while they are lying on coach or on your lap. Try to talk to them as often as you could. If you are a pet lover, you will understand why communication to your pet is important even though they can’t talk back.

Guidelines to Keep Your Dog Away From Stress

Avoid Hitting or Shouting At Your Dog When They Done Wrong

Dogs can be annoying some times. They love to play around nibbling or biting stuffs. They can also be more demanding or too noisy and never stops barking. During these moments, try to reprimand your dog with the right approach. Hitting them or shouting at them will only worsen the problem. They might get more aggressive or be stressed. It would be best to handle these kinds of problems base on the approach thought by professional pet handler.

Guidelines to Keep Your Dog Away From Stress

Manage Dog Separation Anxiety

Stress can also be a result from your dog’s separation anxiety. This often develops if the owner of the dogs suddenly gets less time to spend with their dogs. Most dogs are too attached with their owners. Not seeing them as often as before will develop fear and stress. So if you have been playing to stay away from home or start working regularly and needs to leave home often, try to read your dog. You can learn the proper way of handling dog separation anxiety by reading books, magazines about dogs. If you want a simpler search for information, you can visit various sites in the internet that deals with dogs and everything about it.