Pomeranian Grooming: Caring for Your Best Friend

Pomeranian Grooming: Caring for Your Best Friend

Pomeranian is one of the cutest dogs breeds known to pet lovers anywhere in the world. They belong to the so called Toy breeds. They have small faces that look like a fox. They are also known for their lovable trait and thick coat. Grooming a Pomeranian dog involves careful steps especially when it comes to their hair as they have to maintain a fluffy look, which is the breed’s trademark.

How Pomeranian Grooming should be done


Using a cotton swab dipped in a cleaner and start swabbing the ears. Choose a cleaner that is alcohol free to avoid irritation. To easily clean the area, expose the ear’s skin by gently lifting up the dog’s ear and start cleaning it using the swab with a cleaner. Make sure to be careful on doing this because dogs can be unpredictable. They can suddenly move, which puts them at risk for ear damage. To prevent this to happen, do not clean the deeper part of the canal.


After every pet wash, nail care should never be missed. Normally, dogs do not want their nails to be trimmed. However, since this is an important aspect of grooming a dog it should be done just right. Make sure the dog is calm to make him/her comfortable with this routine. Gently lift the paws from behind so that the leg bends at the joint. Locate the quick and make sure not to cut it. To be sure, just trim about 4 to 5 mm of nail. Cutting the quick could result to bleeding that is why you need to be very careful on this. In case of accident, use styptic powder to control the bleeding. Do not use just nay clippers you can se. There are dog clippers sold in stores so make sure you get one. Lastly, do not forget to file the nails to give it a smooth finish.

Dog Bath

Bathing your Pomeranian is quite different from bathing other dogs. The reason is that Pomeranian needs to maintain a healthy fur and regular bathing might not be good. Their hair needs the normal oil to keep it healthy so you may only bath it every three months. However, if the dog really needs a bath, then do it as necessary. Prepare a tub or a sink with warm water and slowly dip your Pomeranian into it. It is normal for the dog to react so it will be better to have an assistant with you. Slowly pour a pitcher of water on the dog while being careful not to put water into the ear canal. Make sure all the body parts is wet to make it ready for shampooing. Choosing the right shampoo is an important part when it comes to dog bath. Do not attempt to use your own shampoo because there are shampoos especially made for dogs. Ensure that everything is shampooed and massage it before rinsing. Dry the dog well.

Brushing Teeth

This routine is just like brushing your own teeth. All you need is toothpaste made for dogs and a toothbrush. Although dogs are not used into brushing their teeth, they will eventually become comfortable with it overtime. Make sure you brush their teeth gently as brushing too hard will make their gums bleed. The good thing about brushing your Pomeranian’s teeth is that fatal infections can be prevented.

Flea and Tick Prevention

While there are flea and tick treatments already incorporated in the dogs’ shampoos, others are not. You can buy the treatment separately and apply it once a month. This will keep your dog’s fur healthy as flea and tick infestation can hugely affect their coat.

Brushing Hair

Even if it’s not every day that you bath your Pomeranian dog, make sure to brush its coat at least twice a week. Use a wire-pin brush and brush out from the skin. This way, your dog will not suffer from tangles. But there is one thing to remember, avoid brushing your dog’s hair when it is dry. Try to mist it with a mixture of conditioner and water to prevent split ends.

Grooming Style

Another very important part of Pomeranian grooming is choosing a grooming style. Pomeranians have two signature styles. First is the lion cut style making the dog look like a lion. The thickness of the coat is retained in the shoulder, face, and chest area. The second is the puppy cut. This cut makes your dog look like a teddy bear. The coat is trimmed at a certain length, while the face is rounded. Either of the two, your dog will definitely look cute. However, if you don’t have any idea how to do any of these, you can always opt for mobile groomers as they are very skilled on this matter.

Those are the basic grooming tips for your Pomeranian pet. Now that you know everything, expect that your pet will stay happy and healthy.